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Savdhaan India actresses real name and hot photos - Top Beautiful actresses from Savdhaan India.

Who is the actress in Savdhaan India? If you ask the same question, here are names and pics of Savdhaan India actresses.

Savdhaan India actresses names and pics
Savdhaan India actresses names and pics | photo : Savdhaan India
Savdhan India is a popular Indian TV show and often times it features some beautiful women to portray the characters of the stories, which are claimed to be based on real events. From portraying a good housewife to more negative and bold actors, here are 5 beautiful actresses from Savdhaan India.

1 ) Aartii Nagpaal - actress from Savdhaan India.

savdhaan india aartii naagpal auntie bhabhi navel saree

Savdhaan india actress Aartii Nagpaal
Aartii Nagpaal appeared on the show Savdhaan India. She is a multi-talented woman, who is a writer and director as well. She is the sister of Bollywodo actress Deepshikha Nagpal. (click to see 10 hottest photos of Aartii Naagpal.)

3. Jia Mustafa.

Jia Mustafa has also made appearance in a couple episodes of Savdhaan india.

jia mustafa savdhaan india hot actress bhabhi saree

21 hot photos of Jia Mustafa - click here.

4. Sonam Arora.

Sonam Arora also appeared in some of the most popular episodes of Savdhaan india including the episode 1945 titled Bad Teacher.

Sonam Arora actress savdhaan india teacher episode real name
Sonam Arora as teacher in Savdhaan India episode.

10 hot photos of Sonam Arora - click here.

5. Tapasya Nayak.

She played the character of Kusum in Savdhaan India episode 19. Her photos in green saree went viral on internet ranking her in the list of hottest actresses from Savdhaan India.

tapasya nayak hot savdhaan india actress kusum chachi

6. Rukhsar Rehman.

Rukhsar Rehman  played the character of Sheela, who is the mother of two daughters Kamya and Kareena in Savdhaan India Episode titled Love or Greed.

rukhsaar rehman sheela in savdhaan indian mother
photo : hotstar.

15 hot photos of Rukhsar Rehman - click here.

7. Shalini Chandran.

Shalini Chandran played the character of Deepa in Savdhaan India Episode 584.

savdhaan india hot actress Shalini Chandran - deepa affair with teacher
photo | hotstar

8. Falguni Rajani.

She appeared as a teacher in the episode 'Bad Teacher' of Savdhaan India.

falguni rajani sadhaan india hot actress teacher
Savdhaan Indian popular episode Bad Teacher | Photo : hotstar

15 hot photos of Falguni Rajani - click here.

9. Nandini Singh.

Nandini Singh played the character of Rupa in an episode of Savdhaan India, who has an affair with her Husband's friend Ganesh.

nandini singh rupa savdhaan indian hot bhabhi actress
Nandini Singh, Savdhaan India actress in red lingerie | photo : Hotstar

10. Ridheema Tiwari.

Ridheema Tiwari played the role of Madhavi, a teacher, in the episode 1577 of Savdhaan India.

savdhaan india actress madhavi teacher ridheema tiwari
Ridheema Tiwari as Tuition teacher, Madhavi | photo : hotstar 

See 15 hot photos of Ridheema Tiwari (showing navel in saree) - click here.

11 ) Rashmi Shaw - Savdhaan India Actress (2012).

Rashmi Saw, the beautiful actress was seen on Savdhaan India.

Rashmi Shaw, actress from Savdhaan India (2012)
Rashmi Shaw, actress from Savdhaan India (2012)

12 ) Cheshta Mehta - Savdhaan India Actress.

Cheshta Mehta is another beautiful talented actress, who appeared on the show Savdhaan India.

Savdhaan India actress Cheshta Mehta in backless blouse
Savdhaan India actress Cheshta Mehta in backless blouse | photo : instagram/dezire2407 

13 ) Saanvi Talwar- Savdhaan India Actress.

Saanvi Talwar is an Indian model and actress. The actress also appeared in an episode of Savdhaan India.

Saanvi Talwar - actress from Savdhaan India
Saanvi Talwar - actress from Savdhaan India | photo : instagram/saanvitalwar9

A post shared by Saanvi Talwar (@saanvitalwar9) on

14 ) Damini Dave - Savdhaan India actress.

Damini played the character of Ankita Sarkar in an episode of Savdhaan India. She won Miss India Gujrati 2015.

Damini Dave - actress from Savdhaan india in short dress
Damini Dave - actress from Savdhaan india in short dress | photo : instagram/sweetsparkling_damini

15. Alefia Kapadia.

Alefia Kapadia played the role of Niyati in Savdhaan India episode 1067.

alefia kapadia savdhaan india niyati bhabhi hot actress

16. Sonal Parihar.

Sonal played the role of Rupali in Savdhaan India's episode The Suspicious Wife.

sonal parihar savdhaan india hot wife actress real name

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