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Poonam Pandey takes off her underwear in 'Commando' Part 2 video - watch now.

Watch Poonam Pandey taking off her underwear in 'Commando part 2' video on Poonam Pandey App.

Poonam Pandey hot video commando no underwear bold indian model
Poonam Pandey hot video Commando Part 2 | photo : Instagram/ipoonampandey
Poonam Pandey released the part 2 of her popular bold and hot video Commando. In this new video on Poonam Pandey App the bold Indian model can be seen taking off her underwear to justify the title of the video.
poonam pandey new commando video guitar topless full hd
Poonam Pandey in new commando video teasing herself with the guitar | photo : Instagram/ipoonampandey
In the previous commando video Poonam Pandey was seen wandering around in the woods with no bottoms and just a top. However Commando part 2 is shot inside her house in the balcony as she teases herself with a guitar and gives one of the hottest videos yet on Poonam Pandey App.

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Poonam Pandey is currently one of the boldest model and actress in India. After making everyone crazy and rising to fame with her bold photoshoots and sizzling hot scenes in The Journey of Karma and Nasha, she has been entertaining her fans with exclusive bold videos on her official Poonam Pandey App.
poonam pandey hot video commando part 2 full  hot in bra
Poonam Pandey in Commando part 2 on Poonam Pandey App | photo : Instagram/ipoonampandey

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Poonam has released a number of bold video series such as Midnight Erotica, Private Room and Devika. The bold Indian model has been working hard on Poonam Pandey App to create exclusive photos and videos including the outdoor videos like Fishergirl, Commando and Troublemaker.