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Poonam Pandey's naughty message to her fans.

Sexy and bold Indian model and actress, Poonam Pandey, has a naughty message for her fans - what is it, find out?

poonam pandey t-shirt sexy video
Poonam Pandey in red t-shirt.
Poonam Pandey, the internet sensation and a Bollywood actress, has a naughty message for all her fans. The actress who usually makes news for taking off her clothes, has put on a t-shirt this time with a message that says 'Eat P*ssy Not Animal'.

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The actress surely made a point to not eat animals in her own bold and naughty way. The actress has shared photos and videos of herself in such t-shirts before as well.

Poonam Pandey rose to fame for her number of controversies and bagged a few Bollywood and South Indian films while making a big loyal fan following for herself as well, which led to the launch of her own official app to shares some of her hottest bold videos featuring her topless or almost naked. 

Dirty Devika, Private Room, Fishergirl, Royal Kamasutra are some of her fan favorite and most popular videos on Poonam Pandey App.