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Watch Woh Teacher full trailer featuring actress Rajsi Verma in some boldest scenes on Kooku App.

Watch actress Rajsi Verma raising heat with her hot scenes in another bold and naughty short film titled Woh Teacher on Kooku app, in which she plays the role of Vidya Ma'am.

woh teacher full kooku app actress rajsi verma hot scene
Woh Teacher on Kooku app featuring actress Rajsi Verma | photo : youtube
Rajsi Verma is going to be a fantasy teacher for many of her fans after the release of her new short film, Woh Teacher on Kooku app. The actress will be seen playing the role of Vidya Ma'am, a teacher who uses sex as a motivational took to help her students pass the exams.

While Rajsi Verma has already gained many fans through her appearance in Charmsukh web series from Ullu App and TV shows like Crime Alert, the new short film Woh Teacher seems to be the hottest and boldest film of Rajsi Verma.
The hot scenes of Rajsi Verma in trailer alone has made fans excited and wanting to watch full short film. The actress sizzles in saree as she fulfills her student's desires and fantasies in order to help them pass the exam.
The short film will be released on 27th Feb on Kooku App.