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Katrina kaif uncensored hot scene with Gulshan Grover - Boom (2003) movie leaked video.

Watch Katrina Kaif's sexy uncensored scene in her first film Boom in 2003 with Gulshan Grover - it is the hottest scene of this Bollywood actress.

katrina kaif hot uncensored scene boom 2003 with gulshan grover
Katrina Kaif flaunts huge cleavage after stripping her white shirt in this hot scene with Gulshan Grover | photo : youtube
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Katrina Kaif has established herself as the top actress in Bollywood today and she is known to set the screens on fire with her sizzling hot songs and scenes. However, Katrina's hotter scene ever is from her very first film titled Boom which released in 2003.

The hot scene features Katrina Kaif taking off her white shirt and flaunting her fine sexy body in a sparkling bra and black pants.While this on screen stripping scene of this Bollywood actress was enough to set the screens on fire, Katrina raised the heat even more when she approached Gulshan Grover whispering in her sexy voice and came much closer to him.

Katrina Kaif's debut in Boom (2003) from r/DesiWatchItForThePlot

There is also an uncensored version of Katrina Kaif's hot scene in Boom which has leaked online. The uncensored video features a few seconds more of the scene featuring Katrina Kaif pressing her breast in Gulshan Grover's face.

Katrina gave one of the hottest and boldest scenes in Bollywood and now that she is a top leading actress of Bollywood, this scenes has become a fan favorite. Katrina kaif didn't show such boldness on screen again, apart from her various kissing scenes in later movies.

Watch the HD video of Katrina Kaif's hot scene in bra from Boom movie.

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