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Celine Jaitley's hot scene in Aitraaz movie's Kannada remake, Shrimathi.

Watch Celine Jaitley's hot seductive scene in Shrimathi - Kannada remake of Priyanka Chopra's Aitraaz.

celina jaitley hot scene kannada movie shrimathi
Celina Jaitley recreated Priyanka Chopra's hot scene from Aitraaz in Kannada film Shrimathi | photo : youtube
Bollywood film Aitraaz has been one of finest films of Priyanka Chopra and it was remade in Kannad featuring another sexy Bollywood hootie, Celine Jaitley, who portrayed the character of Sonia. The films recreated the popular Priyanka-Akshay scene frame by fram with Celina Jaitney and Kannada actor Upendra.

While Priyanka's performance and the scene in the film is unforgettable, Celina Jaitley managed to set screens on fire with her oozing hotness as well.

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