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Hot video turned funny - woman strips for doctor but gets a surprise.

Watch this video of woman stripping in front of a doctor for medical check up but she gets a surprise soon.

funny video of woman taking off her clothes for fake doctor
Funny video of a woman taking her clothes off for a doctor | photo : youtube
A woman walks in a doctor's room for a check up and was told to take off her clothes for the check up. The woman removes her top and the doctor who seems busy reading the reports of the woman tells her to take the bra off as well... It all sounds like a scene from some adult film, right? But the whole situation changes in a few seconds and disappointing viewers who were ready for the woman to take her bra off and start to laugh out loud.

The comedy sketch video based on concept of what men are willing to do just to see a female body has crossed over 100 million views on YouTube.

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