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Katrina Kaif's wardrobe malfunction, oops moments and accidentally showing her underwear.

All wardrobe malfunction and embarrassing oops moments of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif - when she accidentally showed her underwear.

katrina kaif wardrobe malfunction oops moment showing underwear
Katrina Kaif's wardrobe malfunction and accidental underwear show moments | photo : instagram, reddit
  • Katrina Kaif wardrobe malfunction.
  • Katrina kaif upskirt moment.
  • Katrina Kaif oops moment.
Katrina Kaif is a leading actress and top celebrity in India and like most the actress she also had a number of wardrobe malfunction and oops moments. Luckily for Katrina she didn't had any dirty wardrobe malfunction where actresses didn't care to wear an underwear or bra and flaunted it all. 

The sizzling hot and sexy Bollywood actress who has been known for her big commercial success and probably the only actress who has worked with all khans, kapoor and kumar, couldn't escape from having some oops moment as well.

Here are some of the wardrobe malfunction moments of Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif upskirt hot wardrobe malfunction in live dance performance

Katrina Kaif wardrobe malfcuntion in pink dress

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Katrina Kaif wardrobe malfunction in short skirt on bicycle

Katrina Kaif panty show in skirt bollywood actress oops moment

Ktrina Kaif upskirt view hot wardrobe malfunction in pink skirt

katrina kaif oops moment in thugs of hindostan wardrobe malfunction