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Sona Hayden's hot seductive scene in yellow saree from Pathu Pathu movie.

South Indian actress, Sona Hayden flaunting huge cleavage in yellow saree and seducing young man - hot scene from Pathu Pathu movie.

sona hayden aunty bhabhi hot scene in yellow saree cleavage
Sona Hayden cleavage in yellow saree - hot scene Pathu Pathu | photo : youtube
Sona Hayden has been one of the hottest women in South Indian films. In 2008, she played the role of Mohini in the movie Pathu Pathu. The film features a teasing scene of this sexy South Indian actress seducing young man, who is fixing her ceiling fan, by flaunting huge cleavage in a yellow saree with plunging neckline blouse.

The hot scene from South Indian movie has been watched 82 million times.

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