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5 hottest and popular actresses from Ullu App web series.

5 hottest actresses from Ullu App web series who are most popular among viewers and most demanded - Flora Saini, Kavita Bhabhi and more sexy Indian actresses from web series.

ullu app actresses real names hot and sexy scenes indian web series
Ullu App web series hot and best actresses - Nikhita Chopra and Kavita Radheshyam | photo : ullu app
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Ullu App, the online video streaming platform in India, is known to serve some of the boldest Indian web series as well as some good content with unique storylines. Ullu App has gained much viewership and fan following for both of it's bold and non-bold content featuring some very beautiful, hot and talented actresses who set the screens on fire and won the audience with thier performances in web series like Khulja Sim Sim, Kavita Bhabhi and Wanna Have a Good Time.

However, some actresses left such an impact on viewers that they demand for the new season of the web series or ask  Ullu App content creators to cast their favorite actress again in a new web series.

Here we have picked 5 popular and hot actresses who won many hearts and became a fantasy woman of many with their on screen hotness and character portrayal. Also we are focusing more on the bold web series in this list... so if you don't see your favorite actress in this list, wait for part 2. 

1. Flora Saini.

flora saini hot indian actress ullu app wanna have a good time sex scene

All hot scenes of Flora Saini (Ullu app actress) - click here.

The 41-year-old actress seems to be having a great time of her career with numerous appearances in many web series including Ullu App's Wanna Have a Good Time. In the web series, she played the double role as a housewife and as a prostitute. Flora Saini gave some of the hottest scenes in all of Ullu App web series making viewers demand to see her more. She also played the role of a maid in Maid In India web series on Ullu App.

2. Kavita Radheshyam.

kavita radheshyam hot indian actress kavita bhabhi ullu app web series

21 hot photos of Kavita Radheshyam (Kavita Bhabhi actress) - click here.

Kavita Radheshyam brought the character of Kavita Bhabhi to life, who is hungry for both sex and money, so she runs a sex call center telling her sexual encounters to her callers. Kavita Bhabhi did threesome scenes in the web series as well. The web series went on to 3 seasons on viewers demands.

3. Nikhita Chopra. 

nikhita chopra hot indian actress khulja sim sim ullu app web series

15 hot photos of Nikhita Chopra (Ullu app actress) - click here.

Nikhita Chopra played the role of Simran aka Sim in Khul ja Sim Sim web series. A hilarious and unique story from Ullu App, and probably one of the most fun watching. Nikhita's performance and chemistry with her husband in the web series lead to two seasons making her one of the most popular actresses on the platform.

4. Shiny Dixit.

shiny dixit hot indian actress tadap web series ullu app sex scene

21 hot photos of Shiny Dixit - click here.

Shiny Dixit played the role of Madhvi in the web series Tadap on Ullu App. The series became one of it's popular web series spanning to three seasons and Shiny Dixit became a favorite of many.

5. Rajsi Verma.

rajsi verma hot indian actress charmsukh ullu app web series

15 hot photos of Rajsi Verma - Charmsukh actress on Ullu App - click here.

Rajsi Verma is another Indian actress known for her bold appearances in various web series. She has worked in many TV shows as well, but fans do trully remember her from Ullu App's popular web series Charmsukh. Rajsi Verma appeared in two episodes - Mother and Daughter, and Sautela Pyaar.

(photos source : Ullu app)
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