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Savdhaan India : All actresses names, hot photos and Full cast (Part -2).

Savdhaan India actresses real names and hot photos with Instagram ID. Best actresses from Savdhaan India - Full cast. List of popular Savdhaan India actresses.

savdhaan india hot actresses real names photos in saree - full cast.
Savdhaan India actresses real names and photos - full cast | photo : hotstar
Savdhaan India has been one of the most popular Indian TV series, whcih eventually banned because of it's controversial content. The series featured a number of beautiful actresses in various strong and bold roles. The series also got much attention for how the women in this Indian TV series were portrayed raising the temperature and looking sexy in saree.

From telling the stories about extra marital affairs to older women seducing younger men, the series aired a number of episodes based on pretty bold and controversial content.

Savdhaan Indian also kicked star the career of many top Indian actresses, as it introduced many fresh faces to Indian TV.

Here is a list of popular actresses from Savdhaan India.

Megha Gupta.

Actress Megha Gupta is also known for Savdhaan India. She appeared in episodes - 610, 777, 635, 883 and 1168.
Instagram: @meghaguptaofficial

megha gupta hot actress savdhaan india in saree navel bhabhi

megha gupta hot actress savdhaan india episode 883 devika in saree

Megha Gupta's hot bikini photos - click here.

Alefia Kapadia.

Alefia Kapadia - Actress who played the role of wife, who has an extra marital affair, in Savdhaan India Episode 1677. She also played the role of Rekha in Episode 1407 and Margi in Episode 1582.
Instagram: @alefiakapadia

alefia kapadia savdhaan indian hot actress sarika episode 1677 bhabhi wife

Samiksha Bhatnagar.

Samiksha played the role of Kamya, who is childless because her husband is impotent. She goes to Ravi Das ashram in hope for some miracle.
Instagram: @samikshabhatna1

samiksha bhatnagar kamya savdhaan indian hot bhabhi

In another episode of Savdhaan India, actress Samiksha Bhatnagar played the role of an office lady named Ritu, who falls for her a married man.

samiksha bhatnagar savdhaan india hot actress in night dress office affair

21 hot photos of Samiksha Bhatnagar - click here.

Suzanne Bernert.

Suzanne Bernert is another beautiful actress who has appeared in many Bollywood films and Indian TV shows. She appeared as Annie Scott in Savdhaan India (Crime Alert) episode. The actress also appeared in an episode of Crime Patrol 2018 as Susanne Brown.
Instagram: @suzannebernert
savdhaan india hot actress suzanne bernert

15 hot photos of Suzanne Bernert - click here.

Aashka Goradia.

Aashka Goradia Goble - Actress who played the role of Aasma in Savdhaan India Episode 1068.
Instagram: @aashkagoradia

Aashka Goradia Goble savdhaan India actress episode 1068 aasma

savdhaan india actress aashka goradia in bikini

Adaa Khan.

Adaa Khan played the role of Pooja Saxena, Sneha Mulle and Malti  in various episodes of Savdhaan India.
Instagram: @adaakhann.

savdhaan india actress adaa khan hot bhabhi real name

30 hot photos of Adaa Khan - click here.

Kishwar Merchant.

Kishwar Merchant played the role of Sharmila who has affair with her brother in law in episode 528 of Savdhaan India.
Instagram: @kishwersmerchantt
kishwar merchan savdhaan india actress wife sharmila affair with brother in law

Neha Chowdhury.

Neha Chowdhury played the role of a secretary in the episode All For a Child on Savdhaan India.

Neha Chowdhury actress savdhaan india secretary

30 hot photos of Neha Chowdhury - click here.

Monica Khanna.

Monica Khanna also played episodic roles in Savdhaan India including episode 1118 where she played the role of Sunanda.
Instagram: @monnikkakhanna.

monica khanna savdhaan india hot actress