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Top 5 hot elevator scenes from TV shows - actresses stripping and having sex in elevator

Top 5 hot scenes of actresses stripping, kissing and having sex in elevator from TV shows - Salma Hayek to Natalie Martinez, women setting the screens on fire. 

hot elevator scenes salma hayek natalie martinez shameless
Hottest elevator scenes from TV shows feat. Salma Hayek, Natalie Martinez and more | photo : youtube
Elevator seems to be a pretty good place for changing clothes, kissing or even having sex - that's what these steamy hot TV scenes have showed us. American TV shows are no less when it comes to set the screens on fire as compared to Hollywood films. Featuring some of the hottest actresses, these TV shows has given some of the most popular and hottest elevator scenes. So here we have picked top 5:

1. Natalie Martinez - elevator sex scene.

In the TV series Into The Dark, Natalie Martinez played the role of Jennifer who is trapped in an elevator with a man and the duo end up having sex before the story gets darker. It is one of the hottest scenes of Natalie Martinez and a no.1 on this list of hottest scenes of sex in elevator.

Natalie Martinez elevator sex scene into the dark

natalie martinez sex in elevator hot scene into the dark tv show
Natalie Martinez has sex in elevator - hot scene from Into The Dark | photo : Hulu

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2. Leighton Meester has sex in Elevator.

Dan and Blair, the favorite couple from popular TV series Gossip Girls also choose an elevator to have some steamy passionate sex.

Leighton Meester sex in Elevator gossip girl

3. Karen Gillian strips in front of an Elevator.

Karen Gillian played the role of Eliza in the tv series Selfie. John Cho who has earned a spot in the list of hottest elevator scene in movies makes a spot in this list as well when Eliza steps out of the elevator and flashes him her naked body wanting to have him.

Karen Gillian nude scene elevator selfie tv show

4. Salma Hayek strips and flaunts cleavage in black bra in elevator.

This is probably one of the most popular elevator scenes.  Salma Hayek playing the role of Sofia Reyes in Ugly Betty TV series takes off her clothes and flaunts her ample cleavage in black bra when someone spills coffee on her clothes.

salma hayek black bra cleavage elevator ugly betty hot scene

5. Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson kiss scene in Elevator.

In popular TV show Grey's Anatomy, actressCamilla Luddington plays the role of Jo Wilson. She was featured in a scene where she and Alex has quick lip-lock session in elevator.

Camilla Luddington elevator kiss scene greys anatomy

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