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Woman seducing her boss - best hot seduction scene feat. actress Ali Larter in Obsessed (2009).

Watch a temp seduce her boss at a party - best seduction hot scene from Obsessed (2009) feat. actress Ali Larter.

obsessed seduction scene ali larter idris elba
Obsessed (2009) best seduction scene - Ali Larter and Idris Elba | photo : youtube
Obsessed, released in 2009 and starring Ali Larter, Idris Elba and Beyonce, tells the story of a temp who gets obsessed with her boss and tries to seduce him repeatedly. One of the hottest scenes in the movies features Lisa (played by Ali Larter) catching Derek (played by Idris Elba) in the toiler during an office Christmas party.

Joined by other two men in the washroom, Derek hopes no one catches them as Lisa continues to seduce him and take his clothes off. The film was a big commercial success.

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