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Kristen Stewart topless and make out scene from Adventureland (2009) - watch now.

Watch Hollywood actress, Kristen Stewart take off her clothes and make out in this romantic hot scene from Adventureland.

kristen stewart topless hot scene adventureland

Kristen Stweart, the actress best known for playing Bella in Twilight movie franchise, played the role of Emily in 2009 released movie Adventureland. The movie featured actor Jesse Eisenberg also and the duo forms a relationship when they meet as co-workers at an amusement park. 

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The movie also featured a romantic hot scene between the two actors where Jesse playing the role of James is soaked in rain and Emily asks him to take his clothes off and she offers him a t-shirt from their work at amusement park, James throws the shirt away and kisses Emily before they start making out Emily takes her clothes off followed by James asking 'Are we doing this? and Emily replies, "I think so."