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10 Indian actresses in saree vs bikini - part 1.

Indian actresses looking stunning in saree as well as showing off their sexy body in bikinis/swimsuits - see now.

hot indian actress saree vs bikini
Indian actresses beautiful and bold look in saree vs bikini | photo : instagram

Indian actresses are known to carry both Indian and western outfit with such grace on red carpet and aren't shy to flaunt their sexy body in many bikini photoshoots and vacation photos as well. These Bollywood divas have won the fans with their beautiful looks in saree and raised the temperature with bold and sexy avatar in bikini too.

Here we have 10 actresses who rocked both saree and bikini looks.

1. Amrita Arora.

Amrita Arora is known for her various appearances in Bollywood films like Awara Paagal Deewana and Girlfriend.
Amrita Arora saree bikini hot indian actress

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2. Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha Basu, the bengali beauty, has appeared in several horror and comedy films of Bollywood. The actress gracefully wears a sheer saree and isn't shy to flaunt her sexy toned body in a two piece bikini as well.
Bipasha Basu saree bikini hot indian actress

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3. Evelyn Sharma.

Evelyn Sharma another Bollywood hottie is also known to show her gorgeous looks in a saree while setting things on fire in a bikini. Her photo in pink bikini is one of ther most viral images.
evelyn sharma saree bikini hot indian actress

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4. Mahie Gill.

Mahie Gill, a fine actress known for her various performances, is much loved in her simple avatar in sarees, but the actress isn't shy to show her bold side in a bikini as well.
Mahie Gill saree bikini hot indian actress

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5. Sophie Choudry.

Sophie Choudry is another Indian hottie, known for her stunning sexy looks. A style icon, singer, model, actress and a host... the multitalented woman is always winning fans with her sexy avatars in sarees and bikinis alike.
sophie choudry saree bikini sexy body

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6. Nargis Fakhri.

Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri was seen in much simple avatar in her first film, but the actress soon showed her sexy side flaunting her fine body in bikinis as well.
Nargis Fakhri saree bikini hot indian actress

7. Raai Laxmi.

Raai Laxmi is the South Indian actress who has won many hearts. The actress has always managed to raise the heat whether she wears a saree on screen or shares her bikini photos from vacations.
Raai Laxmi saree bikini hot indian actress

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8. Riya Sen.

Riya Sen is another hottie of Bollywood who has gained more attention for her hotness. From her pretty yet sizzling avatars in sarees to more sultry looks in bikinis, this Indian actress is always keeping the temperature high. 
Riya Sen saree bikini hot indian actress

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9. Sonakshi Singh Rawat.

South Indian actress Sonakshi Singh Rawat has also shown her love for both sarees and bikinis. She appeared in Naa Love Story movie.
Sonakshi Singh Rawat saree bikini hot indian actress

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10. Sunny Leone.

Any list mentioning hottest ladies of Bollywood seems to be incomplete without Sunny Leone. The former adult film flaunted her sexy body in bikinis numerous times, but when she donned up a saree for her appearances in Bollywood films, she became one of the hottest woman in the Industry as well.
Sunny Leone saree bikini hot indian actress

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