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India Alert (Dangal TV) - all actresses names (part 3) hot photos and Instagram.

Dangal TV India Alert full cast - all actresses names, hot photos and Instagram. From episodes - 577, 616, 209, 134.

crime india alert actress navina rajsi riyanka
Crime Alert/India Alert hot actresses | photo : youtube

List of india Alert/Crime Alert actresses:
  • Navina Boley.
  • Rajsi Verma.
  • Surbhi Talodiya.
  • Hansi Parmar.
  • Riyanka Chanda.
India Alert, formerly known as Crime Alert, is an Indian TV series which claims to be based on real life crime stories. The episodic stories features different fresh as well as well established actresses portraying variety of characters. Many of the top and popular actresses has started their career starring in such popular series as well. 

1. Navina Bole.

Episode - 577 - Pyaar Hua Chupke Se - as Nandini.

Navina Bole portrayed the role of a thakurain who falls in love with a woman. The lesbian love story with a tragic ending is one of the most praised and popular episodes of the series.
Navina Bole hot actress india alert pyar hua chupke se

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2. Rajsi Verma.

Instagram : @official_rajsi_verma
Episode - 134 - Maa Bani Sautan - as mother.

Rajsi Verma portrayed the role of a mother who is sexually attracted to her son-in-law and begins an affair with him.
rajsi verma hot actress crime alert 134 maa bani sautan

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3. Surbhi Talodiya.

Instagram : @surbhitalodiya
Episode - unknown.
Surbhi Talodiya hot actress ullu app crime alert

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4. Riyanka Chanda.

Instagram : @iriyankachanda
Episode 616 - Sasur Ka Shikanja - as Kavita.

Riyanka Chanda played the role of a housewife who faces sexual harassment from her father-in-law.
ryanka chanda hot actress crime alert 616 kavita

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5. Hansi Parmar.

Instagram : @hansi_parmar
Episode - 209 - Khoonkhar Aurtein.

Hansi Parmar played the role of a con-woman in one of the episodes of the series.
Hansi Parmar hot actress india crime alert 209 khoonkhar aurtein

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