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Sex with alien woman scene - My Stepmother is an Alien (1988) feat. Kim Basinger.

Watch Kim Basinger's sex scene from Hollywood film My Stepmother is an Alien (1988).

kim basinger my stepmother is an alien hot scene
Kim Basinger in lingerie - hot scene | photo : youtube

My Stepmother is an Alien is a 1988 released science fiction comedy featuring actress Kim Basinger as an extraterrestrial woman who is sent to earth on a mission. Kim meets a man named Stevens after she crashes his brother's party. The duo end up going back to Steven's house where he wishes to have sex with Celeste (Kim).

Celeste has no idea what sex is as she ian alien. However upon learning what sex is, Kim Basinger as Celster sets screens on fire as she strips down to a lingerie and teases Stevens before jumping in bed and experience what sex is for the first time. The movie tanked at the box office and received negative reviews, but this sexy scene of Kim Basinger is surely a fan favorite.

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