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Courtney Cox - sex in the car scene from Dirt Season 1 Episode 6.

Watch this hot video of Courtney Cox having sex in car from Dirt TV show - When this FRIENDS actress set screens on fire.

courntey cox sex in car hot scene dirt season 1 episode 6
Watch Courtney Cox's sex in car scene from Dirt tv series | photo : youtube

Courtney Cox, the beautiful actress known for playing the role of Monica Geller in FRIENDS TV series, is also known to raise the heat with some of her sexy appearances and hot scenes in various other TV shows and movies including 2007 released Dirt. 

In one particular scene, Courtney Cox was featured having sex in the car which ends in a steamy orgasm that made fans crazy reminding them the moment when Monica Geller taught Chandler Bing how to please women.

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