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45 hot photos of Edin Rose (Puddan actress) - wiki bio, web series, Instagram and photoshoots.

Edin Rose best hot photos in sarees and bikini - actress who played the role of bhabhi in Cineprime's Puddan web series. Gandii Baat actress.

Edin Rose actress puddan gandii baat
Edin Rose as bhabhi in saree in Puddan | photo : cineprime app


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Edin Rose is an actress and model who is currently making much buzz with her role as a bhabhi in Cineprime's latest web series titled Puddan. Rose has earlier appeared in the Gandii Baat season 4 episode 2, where she played the role of Vasudha.

Edin Rose currently has over 137K followers on her official Instagram and her popularity is growing with each new web series appearance. The actress and model is also known for her fine curvy body and isn't shy to raise the temperature with her oozing hotness. 

Edin Rose's web series:

  • Gandii Baat season 4 - altbalaji.
  • Puddan - cineprime.
  • Good Girls - cineprime.
The actress has a couple of tattoos with pierced navel which only makes her fans like her more. See these 35 hot photos of Edin Rose.

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