10 Indian TV actresses in bikini (part 2) - hottest tv actresses in swimsuit showing their sexy body.

Indian TV actresses who flaunted their sexy body in bikini and set things on fire with their bold avatar.

indian tv actress bikini hot hina khan
hot TV actresses in bikini | photo : instagram/realhinakhan

1. Hina Khan in bikini.

Hina Khan pink bikini sexy body hot indian actress

More hot photos of Hina Khan.

2. Monalisa in bikini.

Monalisa bikini curvy indian actress

More hot photos of Monalisa.

3. Kavita Kaushik in bikini.

Kavita Kaushik bikini swimsuit hot tv actress

More hot photos of Kavita Kaushik.

4. Mahek Chahal in bikini.

Mahek Chahal bikini hot actress naagin 6

More hot photos of Mahek Chahal.

5. Shiny Doshi in bikini.

Shiny Doshi bikini pandya store hot actress

More hot photos of Shiny Doshi.

6. Aishwarya Sharma in bikini.

Aishwarya Sharma actress ghum hain kisi ke pyaar mein

More hot photos of Aishwarya Sharma.

7. Shamim Manan in bikini.

Shamin Mannan hot indan tv actres

More hot photos of Shamim Manan.

8. Urfi Javed in bikini.

Urfi Javed blue bikini sexy body indian model

More hot photos of Urfi Javed.

9. Purvi Mundata in bikini.

Purvi Mundata red bikini hot actress faceless

More hot photos of Purvi Mundata.

10. Shama Sikander in bikini.

Shama Sikander bikini swimsuit hot photos

More hot photos of Shama Sikander.

Part 1 of 10 Indian TV actresses in bikini.

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