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Amy Aela's hot video Naagin Dance by Viruss and Ullumanati is setting screens on fire - watch now.

Watch Amy Aela raise the temperature wearing bikini in new music video titled Naagin Dance by Viruss and Ullumanati.

amy aela bikini hot video naagin dance
Amy Aela in bikini flaunting her sexy body in Naagin Dance video | photo : youtube

Indo-Australian model and dancer, Amy Aela, is setting things on fire with her sexy and bold look appearance in this music video titled Naagin Dance. Sung by Viruss and composed & penned by Ullumanati, the song music video features this sizzling hot Instagram model showing her dance moves as well as raising the temperature with her sexy body in bikini. The music video has crossed the mark of 12 million views.

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