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Katrina Kaif gets spanked - watch this scene from her first South Indian film, Malliswari.

Venkatesh spanks Katrina Kaif in her first South Indian film titled Malliswari - watch this old video of top Bollywood actress.

katrina kaif spanking scene malliswari
Katrina Kaif spanking scene from Malliswari | photo : Youtube/Suresh Productions

Katrina Kaif, the top leading lady of Bollywood, is known for her bold strip scene in her first film Boom. However, fans also loved seeing her in a completely different look when she made her South Indian film debut with Malliswari. One of the scenes in the movie featured the lead actor Venkatesh carrying Katrina Kaif on his shoulder as he crossed a rived and mid way the actor spanks Katrina Kaif.

Released in 2004 Malliswari also earned Katrina Kaif her first award nomination as best actor for Filmfare South.

After almost oevr two decades, Katrina Kaif has been one of the biggest female stars of Bollywood with a number of big commercial hits under her name while getting much praises for her performances in ZERO and Rajneeti.

Katrina Kaif hot dance performance old rare video - see here.

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