Katrina Kaif old bikini photoshoot video from 2003 - see this top Bollywood actress in one of her early days of modeling.

Katrina Kaif's rare old bikini photoshoot video for Kingfisher calendar in 2003 - watch this top Bollywood actress during her modeling days.

katrina kaif old bikini calendar photoshoot
Katrina Kaif for Kingfisher calendar photoshoot in bikini | photo : youtube

Katrina Kaif is one of the actresses who started their career as a model and then became an actress. She is also one of the few women in Bollywood who has posed for Kingfisher calendar's bikini photoshoot in their early days of career.

Watch Katrina at 5:13 minute in the video.

In 2003, this British actress, joined Bollywood and did a photoshoot for popular Kingfisher calendar. Katrina posed in a leopard printed bikini flaunting her sexy body. The old rare photos of Katrina from this particular photoshoot are still circulating on internet. 

Looking at this video, where Katrina got only a couple of seconds of footage, one can see how far she has come and what she has achieved over the years. Today this sizzling hot beauty is known to be one of the top leading ladies of Bollywood and probably the only actress who has worked with all four Khans, Kumar, Kapoor and Roshan.

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