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Top 10 Ullu App actress list (part 1) - Hot photos, Instagram, web series and videos.

Ullu App web series full cast - all best popular actresses names, hot photos gallery and Instagram.

ullu app hot actress rajsi verma cleavage
Ullu app's hottest actress - Rajsi Verma in red lingerie | photo : instagram/official_rajsi_verma

Top 10 Ullu app actresses list:
Ullu App is an Indian video streaming service which gained popularity for it's bold content featuring some well established as well as fresh actresses. Some of the most popular web series of Ullu App - Charmsukh , Palang Tod , and Games Of Karma - gave opportunities to many upcoming actresses and Instagram models.

The video streaming service also produced some critically acclaimed web series telling some unique stories features some of the top popular actors of Indian TV as well.

Here is the list of beautiful and hot actresses who appeared in Ullu App web series.

1. Rajsi Verma.

Rajsi Verma is known for her various appearances in web series like Charmsukh (Sautela Pyaar, Sex Education and  Mom and Daughter) and Palang Tod (Saas Bahu & NRI and Double Dhamaka). She has become the most requested actress to be seen in bold web series.

More hot photos, videos and web series of Rajsi Verma.

2. Iira Soni.

Iira Soni played the role of Shanaya in popular Ullu App web series titled Woodpecker. Her bikini and sex scenes from the series went viral on social media and earned her the spot in hottest actresses of Ullu App.

More hot photos of Iira Soni

3. Pamela Mondal.

Pamela Mondal is another actress who has done several appearances in Ullu App's web series. She first appeared in Ghapa Ghap and then gained more popularity for her role in Prabha Ki Diary. Her other appearances includes - Palang Tod (Kirayedar) and Madhosh Diaries (Adla Badli).

31 hot photos of Pamela Mondal.

4. Rashami Desai.

Rashami Desai is one of the top Indian TV actresses who also joined Ullu App for the web series titled Tandoor.

More hot photos of Rashami Desai.

5. Priya Mishra.

Priya Mishra gained much popularity for her role as Abha Bhabhi (Landlord's wife) in Dunali web series. She also appeared in Riti Riwaj episode Mann Marzi.

40 hot photos of Priya Mishra - see here.

6. Shafaq Naaz.

Shafaq Naaz appeared in Ullu App's one of the much appreciated series Halala. She also recently played an important role in The Last Show.

More hot photos of Shafaq naaz.

7. Leena Jumani.

Leena Jumani joined Ullu app when she played the lead role of Paro in the web series titled Paro. The actress set screens on fire with her steamy hot scenes as well.

25 hot photos of Leena Jumani.

8. Sneha Paul.

Sneha Paul gained much popularity as soon as the trailer of Charmsukh episode Chawl House was released. The actress then also played the lead role in Laal Lihaaf.

More hot photos of Sneha Paul.

9. Anushka Srivastava.

Anushka Srivastava is known for playing the role of bride named Sweety in Riti Riwaj series episode Taala Chaabi.

21 hot photos of Anushka Srivastava.

10. Rishina Kandhari.

Rishina Kandhari is known for her appearance as Shanaya in the series Virgin Suspect.

More hot photos of Rishina Kandhari.

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