NueFliks : All actresses names, Instagram and web series (Part 1) - Pastry, Mafia 2, Fareb and more.

All actresses names, hot photos and Instagram from NueFliks web series - hot indian actresses from bold web series.

nuefliks pastry actress mrinalini chatterjee
Nuefliks' Pastry actress Mrinalini Chatterjee | photo : instagram/mrina_linii

NueFliks is an Indian video streaming app known for short films, feature films and web series containing bold content. The app has brought many fresh faces to limelight including aspiring models, actresses, and some successful Instagram models has worked for the app as well. Here we have listed another 5 actresses who worked in NueFliks web series.

1. Shreya Tyagi.

Actress Shreya Tyagi appeared in Bye 2 web series of NueFliks.
Instagram: @shreyatyagi322

2. Noor Malabika.

Actress Noor Malabika in NueFliks web series Mafia 2.
Instagram: @noor_malabika

3. Tina Nandi.

Actress Tina Nandy appeared in NueFliks Fareb web series.
Instagram: @tinagudia_nandy

4. Mrinalini Chatterjee.

Actress Mrinalini Chatterjee worked in NueFliks web series titled Pastry.
Instagram: @mrina_linii

5. Aleesa Bellaa.

Aleesa Bella appeared in the web series titled Digital Ishq on NueFliks app.
Instagram: @aleesa_bellaa.

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