5 best hot web series of Anu Murya (Annu Morya).

5 web series of actress Anu Murya which set screens on fire - Naqaab (Primeplay), Adla Badli (Besharams) and more.

Anu Murya hot web series
photo : Anu Murya in Naqaab series from Primeplay app.

Anu Murya aka Annu Morya is an Indian actress who has gained much popularity on internet for her appearances in bold Indian web series streaming on various OTT apps. The 38-year-old seems to be giving tough competition when it comes to set screens on fire with some steamy hot scenes. Blessed with fine natual curves, the stunning woman has also worked in several other projects before she gained popularity for her bold performances. Here are 5 best hot web series of Annu Morya:

Naqaab - Primeplay.

In Naqaab, Anu Murya plays the role of a wife/chachi who uses sexual favors in order to secure the position of her husband in politics.

Dosti - Primeplay.

In Dosti, Anu Murya played the role of a lonely woman craving for some intimacy.

Maalamaal - Primeplay.

Maalamaal turns out to be one of the best and hottest web series of Anu Murya as the story revolves around her after her character as Sulekha's murder. With flashback story telling, the actress is seen in various steamy hot scenes with different men and women.

Adla Badli - Besharams app.

Adla Badli features actress Anu Murya in the role of a stepmom who goes beyond limits to save the marriage of her stepson.

Adhuri Aas - Hunters app.

Adhuri Aas also features Anu Murya as a lonely women before her life spices up with not just a young man but a woman as well.

Parivartan - Primeplay.

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