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5 hottest romantic videos/songs from South Indian films - part 1.

Hottest video songs from South Indian films feat. actresses in romantic and intimate scenes - Payal Rajput, Kavya Thapar and more.

south indian hot romantic video scenes songs
Payal Rajput in RDXLove | photo : youtube


  • Tollywood hot songs.
  • Kannada romantic songs.
  • South Indian romantic hot scenes.

1. Virginity from Chithakkotudu 2 feat. Meenal Sahu.

2.Ninna Kanninolage From Abhinetri fat. Pooja Gandhi.

3.Nee Nakhasikhale from RDXLove feat. Payal Rajput.

4. Entha Mudho from Ek Mini Katha feat. Kavya Thapar.

5. Nee Sonthum from Guntur Talkies feat. Rashmi Gautam.

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