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Nora Fatehi shows her underwear - wardrobe malfunction video goes viral.

Nora Fatehi gives a peak of her white underwear in this viral video as she faces a wardrobe malfunction during a public dance performance.

nora fatehi wardrobe malfunction video
Nora Fatehi oops moment during dance performance | photo : instagram & youtube

Nora Fatehi, the dancing diva, made it into the list of Bollywood actresses who faced wardrobe malfunction, wheen she was attending an event and gave a dance performance in a short blue dress which failed to cover the actress properly and she ended up giving a peak at her white underwear. The moment was caught on the camera when people were recording her dance and now the video has been going viral on internet.

Nora Fatehi is known to show off her fine voluptuous body in body hugging outfits and has emerged as one of the hottest women in Bollywood right now and she also couldn't escape having an embarrassing upskirt oops moment.

The dancer and actress is known for various big item songs/dance numbers like Kusu Kusu, Dilbar Dilbar, O Saki Saki and Garmi songs.

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