12 Bollywood actress showing their bra or underwear in sheer clothes - embarassing oops moments of Indian actresses.

Bollywood actress who whore sheer clothes and faced dirty oops moments/wardrobe malfunction exposing their undergarments in public - Priyanka, Disha, Sonakshi and more.

actress sheer clothes bra underwear
Zareen Khan in see through black shirt revealing her bra | photo : instagram

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Bollywood actresses are known to have oops moments, dirty wardrobe malfunction, uncomfortable situations or having their outfit fail them in public. While these Bollywood divas are also known for their style statements and fashion sense, sometimes they don't have a good day when it comes to choosing a right outfit.

From Priyanka Chopra accidentally exposing her underwear on stage to Zareen Khan making a bold style statement revealing her black bra through matching see through shirt, these Bollywood actress made much buzz when they donned up sheer outfits.

Here are some of the hottest Bollywood actresses having their dirty moments or just proudly flaunting their undergarments to make a bold style statement.

1. Zareen Khan in sheer black shirt showing her bra.
2. Alia Bhatt showing her underwear through sheer fabric of her outfit.
3. Priyanka Chopra showing her underwear in a netted skirt. 
4. Sonali Kulkarni ends up flaunting her underwear in sheer black outfit.
5. Bhairavi Goswami showing her black bra and ample assets in sheer top.
6. Disha Patani in a sheer top showing her off shoulder bra in public.
7. Sonakshi Sinha was trolled for this look in sheer outfit showing her bra.
8. South Indian hottie Nayanthara revealed her bra in a see through black top.
9. Paparazzi caught Parineeti Chopra's white bra underneath the sweater.
10. Shilpa Shetty in black top ended up giving glimpses of what's underneath.
11. Raveena Tandon made fans crazy in a see through black outfit.
12. Nauheed Cyrusi in a skimpy black sheer top revealed too much.
nauheed cyrusi sheer blouse Bollywood wardrobe malfunction

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