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Daksha Nagarkar best hot photos - Indian model and actress known for Zombie Reddy, Hora Hori and Hushaaru.

Daksha Nagarkar hot curvy actress
 photo : instagram/dakshanagarkar

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Daksha Nagarkar is an Indian film actress who appeared in 2021 released Zombie Reddy. The actress gained good fan following with the success of her first two South Indian films titled Hora Hori and Hushaaru. The actress is known to flaunt her fine sexy body in some of her hot photoshoot and becoming a crush of millions of fans.

Daksha Nagarkar facts:
Daksha Nagarkar earned her first film when she was doing a dance course at Shiamak Davar dance academy in Hyderabad, where someone suggested her to participate in a beauty pageant and she did. After winning the  title, her photos were circulated among people in entertainment industry, and director Teja approached her for a role in Hora Hori.

Daksha Nagarkar's age is not confirmed yet. Some media outlets reporter her to be 31 year old while some listed her age as 27. 

Daksha Nagarkar films:
  • A K Rao Pk Rap. 
  • Hora Hori. 
  • Hushaaru. 
  • Zombie Reddy.
  • Daksha Nagarkar 
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