5 best hot web series of Shyna Khatri.

Shyna Khatri's hottest bold web series - Choti Bahu (Hunters), Pehredaar (Primeplay), Karzdaar (Hunters), Lady Doctor, Kaam Purush (Primeshots).

shyna khatri web series choti bahu pehredaar
photo : instagram/shynakhatri3047

Shyna Khatri has emerged as one of the hottest and most demanded actress of growing bold Indian web series streaming on various OTT platforms. The beautiful actress has appeared more than a dozen web series till now and never failed to set screens on fire with her steamy hot scenes and performances. Here we have listed 5 boldest and hottest web series of Shyna Khatri..

Choti Bahu - Hunters app.

In Choti Bahu, Shyna Khatri plays the role of Pinky who is forced to get married in a well cultured family while Pinky herself is very open minded and bold. 

Lady Doctor - Primeshots app.

In Lady Doctor, Actress Shyna Khatri played the role of a doctor/nurse who helps a patient in his recovery in her own ways.

Karzdaar - Hunters app.

Karzdaar features Shyna Khatri as a newly wed who has to pay the debt of her parents to his father-in-law.

Pehredaar - Primeplay app.

Shyna Khatri played the role of a wife whose husband goes out of town for work and as per traditions, her father-in-law takes care of her 'all' needs.

Kaam Purush - Primehsots.

Kaam Purush is a web series based on superstition and black magic. Shyna Khatri played the role of Meena who gets possessed by a man's spirit. The actress does well adapting to a man's mannerism along with setting screens on fire with some steamy hot scenes.

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