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Hot scene - Housewife being seduced by a stranger. Actress Vagitha in saree in Anagarigam.

Watch this hot scene of actress Vagitha as a housewife in saree being seduced by a man and then getting intimate with her husband - Anagarigam movie hot scene.

vagitha hot scene anagarigam wife blue saree navel
Actress Vagitha hot scene in blue saree | photo : youtube

Anagarigam is a telugu film released in 2012 featuring actress Vagitha. The film features a scene where a stranger drugs a housewife played by actress, Vagitha, and then tries to take advantage of her. Dressed in a blue saree with black blouse, Vagitha does sets screens on fire flaunting her natural hot body and sexy navel, but controls herself and doesn't give herself up to the stranger.

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Later the actress is shown in a night wear when her husband comes home and gets mad at her. The couple doesn't go along. Vajitha again raises the temperature when she drapes an orange colored saree and her unsatisfied desires makes her dream of her husband joining her, helping her drape the saree while making love to her. It is one of the hottest scene of actress Vagitha with over 22 million views on the video.

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