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Flora Saini in bikini seducing a man - hottest video.

Gandii Baat actress, Flora Saini, raising the heat in bikini - see this hot scene as she flaunts her sexy body in a two piece swimsuit.

flora saini bikini hot video
Flora Saini hot bikini video | photo : youtube

Flora Saini has emerged as one of the hottest actresses of Indian web series and films and post rising to fame with her lesbian scene with Anveshi jain, the actress has gained much attention on internet as well. However, this stunning actress has been setting screens on fire from the start of her career including this scene from the movie Michael Madana Kamaraju where she seduces a man (played by actor Sunil) with her oozing hotness and flaunting her sexy voluptuous body in a two piece bikini.

Watch this old rare hot bikini video of Flora Saini aka Asha Saini.

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