Urfi Javed in a risky high slit black dress sets social media on fire.

Urfi Javed in this revealing black cutout dress with waist high slit raises the temperature - see photos and videos.

urfi javed high slit cut out dress
Urfi Javed in black cut out high slit dress | photo : instagram/urf7i

Indian Instagram diva, Urfi Javed, is once again setting social media on fire with her yet another creative and stylish outfit. The actress donned up this black color cut out dress with halter neck which barely covered her, however its the waist high slit showing off her beautiful fine legs which stole the show and made fans crazy.
The young actress and model was spotted in public by paparazzi wearing this stylish revealing outfit and made much buzz. Javed has been known for her creative stylish look which most of the times fit in her follower's budget as well. 

While Urfi Javed has been a known name on Instagram and Indian TV, she gained much more popularity as a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT 2021.

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