15 bold creative outfits worn by Urfi Javed which looked good.

Urfi Javed's weird stylize bold outfit which actually looked good and won praises by fans - see now.

urfi javed bold sexy outfit
photo : instagram/urf7i

Internet personality, fashion diva and actress Urfi Javed, has been one of the most trolled Indian celebs on social media lately. The young model who is constantly experimenting with her outfits gets heavily trolled for her boldness and outfits which barely cover her body. However, there have been times when the outfits she wore (mostly designed by her) actually looked good or at least better than her other outfits. Take a look...

Urfi Javed in this cutout or more like a dress made out of patches, which probably showed her body more than it covered, yet it looked great.

Urfi Javed's sexy avatar in this red bikini outfit definitely have some Victoria's Secret vibes.

Urfi Javed's simple short creative outfit made out of clothes-pin.

Urfi Javed in this pink outfit showing her fine sexy body.

Urfi Javed slaying in this risky waist high slit blue outfit.

Urfi Javed in this shimmery with nude color see through short outfit.

Urfi Javed in this glittery skimpy outfit with pink blazer showing her bold avatar.

Urfi Javed giving mermaid vibes in this seashell bikini with see through sarong.

Urfi Javed in this red and white salwar-suit with extreme deep neckline and barely covering her sexy back.

Urfi Javed giving retro vibes with bold look in this outfit.

Urfi Javed in this tiny top with matching black skirt and a heavy neckpiece adding morre style to her bold and sexy avatar.

Urfi Javed rcking this skimpy top made out of crystal and a black short skirt.

Urfi Javed in this swimsuit made out of thin stripes still covered more than many of her other creative weird outfits and actually looked good.

Urfi Javed wearing nothing but bicycle chains with matching black underwear.

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