Top 5 Savdhaan India actresses (part 1) - names, Instagram, hot photos and episodes.

Full cast of Savdhaan India TV show - all actresses names, hot photos, Instagram and episode. Hot Indian TV actresses in saree.

savdhaan india actress name saree
Beautiful actresses of Savdhaan India | photo : hotstar

Savdhaan Indian is one of the popular and longest running Indian TV shows. The show tells the episodic stories claimed to be based on real crime cases in india. While the show landed in much controversy for it's content, it is also known for featuring some of the beautiful and hottest Indian actresses. So if you have also searched for the actress name from Savdhaan India's episode, and this post will help you. The show was aired on Life Ok and then switched to Star Bharat.

Here we have some of the most beautiful, popular and hottest actresses from Savdhaan India looking sizzling hot in sarees.

1. Dhruvee Haldankar - Actress in Savdhaan India Episode 238.

Dhruvee Haldankar Savdhaan India actress

Actress Dhruvee Haldankar played the role of a mother named Dolly, who is a taylor by profession but she also teases her customers and lets them touch her back in her backless blouse for money. Her greed for money ruins the life of her newly web daughter as well.
Instagram: @dhruveehaldankar

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2. Shivani Mahajan - Actress who played nurse in Svadhaan India episode 278.

Shivani Mahajan Savdhaan India actress

Actress Shivani Mahajan played the role of Nurse named Shweta Desai in Savdhaan India Episode 278, who has an affair with her Doctor and a ward boy.

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3. Anuradha Singh - actress Savdhaan India episode 23.

Anuradha Singh Savdhaan India actress

Actress Anuradha Singh played the role of a housewife named Nina who has a sexual relationship/extra marital affair with her land lord who is an older man.
Instagram : @actress_anuradha

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4. Nandini Singh - actress from Savdhaan India season 65 Episode 37.

Nandini Singh Savdhaan India actress

Actress Nandini Singh played the role of a wife named Kiran in an episode of Savdhaan India. Kiran seduces her servant in order to get his statement and proof to get her husband out of jail.

5. Shivani Gosain - actress Savdhaan Indian season 5 Episode 279.

Shivani Gosain Savdhaan India actress

Actress Shivani Gosain played the role of Rupa Mausi who first secretly marries with her niece's teenage boyfriend named Vicky and has sex with him. Rupa then goes on to meet Vicky's father and marries him officially but she keeps the sexual relationship going with her now step son Vicky.
(photos source : hotstar)

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