India Alert (Dangal TV) full cast - part 3 - all actresses names, hot photos and Instagram.

Dangal TV's India Alert - full cast. All actresses names, photos and Instagram. Who played the role of wife, mother in law and girlfriend.

India Alert hot actress saree cast
photos : Youtube/Dangal TV Channel

India Alert is TV series based on the concept followed by earlier popular shows like Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol. The show tells episodic crime stories featuring some of the popular as well as new actresses. Many of the TV actresses are known to start their career doing episodic roles in this series as well. India Alert full episodes are also available to watch for free on YouTube. 

Here we have more of the beautiful and stunning actresses who appeared in India Alert TV series episodes.

1. Krutika Desai.

Episodes - Hanikarak Love (550).
Krutika Desai India Alert Hanikarak love hot actress

More hot photos of Krutika Desai.

2. Navina Bole.

Episodes - Pyaar Hua Chupke Se (577).
Navina Bole India Alert pyar hua chupke se hot actress

More hot photos of Navina Bole.

3. Hansi Parmar.

Episodes - Khoonkhar Aurein (209).
Hansi Parmar India Alert khoonkhar aurtein hot actress

More hot photos of Hansi Parmar.

4. Bhavwini Gandhi.

Episodes - Saasu Maa (524), 
Bhavwini Gandhi India Alert Saasu Maa hot actress

More hot photos of Bhavwini Gandhi.

5. Preetika Chauhan.

Episodes - Ayyash Khandan (670), Khoobsurat Madamji (332).
Preetika Chauhan India Alert ayyash khandan hot actress

More hot photos of Preetika Chuahan.

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