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Watch Ek Choti Si Love Story (2002) full film - Indian film about older women and younger boy.

Bollywood film about older woman and young boy relationship - Ek Choti Si Love Story featuring Manisha Koirala.

manisha koirala ek choti si love story
Manisha Koirana in Ek Choti Si Love Story | photo : youtube

Ek Choti Si Love Story is a 2002 released Bollywood film based on a young boy and his voyeuristic love and obsession with an older neighbor of his. The boy who lives with his grandmother, spies on her neighbor played by Manisha Koirala who lives in an opposite building through a telescope. The boy closely watches Manisha having fight and sex with a man. 

Ek Choti Si Love Story cast:
  • Manisha Koirala as older neighbor woman.
  • Aaditya Seal as young boy named Aditya.
  • Ranvir Shorey as Neighbor lady's boyfriend.

The film is actually is an adaptation of Polish film titled (A Short Film About Love).

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