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Zebra Lounge (2001) - erotic movie about swinging. Cast, Full Movie, story, and Hot scenes.

Watch Zebra Lounge (2001) - Hollywood erotic thriller about swinging feat. Kristy Swanson and Brandy Ledford. Full movie and hot sex scenes.

zebra lounge full movie wife swapping
Zebra Lounge full hot movie about wife switching | photo : youtube

Zebra Lounge, an erotic thriller movie, is about swinging lifestyle in which a couple Alan and Wendy decides to spice up their marriage by answering a ad in swinging magazine. The couple meets Jack and Louise, a couple experienced in swinging. At first things star hot and heavy but soon it takes a different turn.

Watch Zebra Lounge full HD movie.

The movie also has one of the hottest scenes feat. actress Kristy Swanson.

Zebra Lounge Cast :

  • Kristy Swanson - Louise Bauer 
  • Stephen Baldwin - Jack Bauer
  •  Brandy Ledford - Wendy Barnet 
  • Cameron Daddo - Alan Barnet

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