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Watch Sleeping With My Student (2019) full movie trailer - Gina Holden, Jessica Belkin and Mitchell Hoog.

Watch this movie about a single mother & school headmaster accidentally having sex with her student only to discover it was more than just a fling.

sleeping with my student gina holden
Gina Holden in bikini - pool scene from Sleeping with My Student | photo : youtube

Sleeping With My Student is an 2019 released American thriller which tells the st
ory of a single mother and headmaster named Kathy, who has sex with a charming young guy named Ian on her vacation but later discovers that Ian is one of the students at her school and her fling with him was a plan of something bigger and worse coming to her and her daughter Bree.

Sleeping With My Student cast:
  • Gina Holden plays the role of mother and headmaster.
  • Jessica Belin is seen in the role of Bree, the daughter.
  • Mitchell Hoogs plays the negative role of Ian.

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