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Sunny Leone takes her clothes off down to black bra and underwear - watch hot video.

Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, raised the heat when she stripped down to her bra and underwear in this hot scene from Jackpot.

sunny leone hot scene jackpot
Sunny Leone hot scene in Jackpot | photo : youtube

Sunny Leone, the hottest woman in Bollywood, set screens on fire when she stripped down black bra and underwear for a steamy hot scene in 2013 released movie titled Jackpot. The scene follows Sunny's co-star, Sachin Joshi ripping her shirt before Sunny takes her clothes off by herself and flaunts her fine sexy body.

Watch Sunny Leone's sexy hot scene in HD.

Jackpot was released in 2013 and it featured legendary Naseeruddin Shah as well. Sunny Leone played the role of Maya.

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