Watch The Silent Statue feat. Richa Soni and Indraneil Sengupta - A short film about Love and Lust.

Watch this short Indian film about love and lust - titled The Silent Statue it features actress Richa Soni along with Indraneil Sengupta.

silent statue short film richa soni indraneil sengupta
Richa Soni in The Silent Statue | photo : youtube

The Silent Statue, a short film directed and produced by Lal Vijay Shahdeo features actress Richa Soni in the character of Vaasu, while Indraneil Sengupta plays her love/lust interest. Released in July 2019, the film has crossed over 17 million views on YouTube making it one of the most watched Indian short films.

The short film tells the story of an orphan, 30-year-old named VASU who is desperate to be with a man after seeing him bathing in a pond. She sells everything she has, even sacrifices the man's dog as told by a black magician. She stands in front of him with the dog's ashes smeared on her naked body hoping to cast a spell on him. But life plays a trick!

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