Zoya Rathore's hot short film - Maaya. Wife cheats on husband and gets blackmailed with sex tape.

Watch Maya - a short film about a wife cheating on her husband and being blackmailed with the sex tape - feat. actress Zoya Rathore.

zoya rathore maaya wife cheating video
Zoya Rathore as a housewife in Maaya | photo : youtube

Maaya is a short film telling the story of a wife (played by actress Zoya Rathore) ignored by her husband who seeks pleasure outside her marriage and gets intimate with an AC repair man. Her sexual encounter backfires when she gets blackmailed with a sex-tape. What happens next? find out.


  • Cast -  Zoya Rathore , Vikas Sachdeva & Rudra
  • Story - Vikash
  • Music - Sunny & Vishal
  • Youtube channel - Anurag Short Films.

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