Sooryavanshi actress, NIharica Raizada, wardrobe malfunction oops moment during a tree planting event.

Bollywood actress Niharica Raizada, faced a downblouse wardrobe malfunction moment while planting a tree - watch video.

niharica raizada wardrobe malfunction cleavage
Niharica Raizada wardrobe malfunction moment | photo : Youtube

Niharica Raizada, the actress who played Inspector Tara in Sooryavanshi movie, faced a wardrobe malfunction like many of the Bollywood actresses have. The beautiful actress was attending a tree planting event dressed properly in an Indian salwar-suit, but ended up facing a downblouse moment. The actress revealed ample cleavage and was caught by paparazzi. The video soon went viral on social media. 

Niharica Raizada is known for her appearance in movie Warrior Savitri. 

Race 3 actress, Jacqueline Fernandez faced the similar embarrassing oops moment while doing a good deed of planting a tree as well.

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