Wife gets caught having sex with another man - Hot scene of Raima Sen from Mirch (2010).

Watch this hot scene of Raima Sen who plays a housewife and get caught having sex with another man.

raima sen hot sex scene mirch
Raima Sen's hot sex scene from Mirch movie | photo : dailymotion

Raima Sen is a fine actress and is also known for some of her hottest scenes. In 2010, the actress appeared in the movie titled Mirch opposite Shreyas Talpade. The duo played Husband and Wife in the movie, where Shreyas tries to prove that he is master of disguise and tests it on his wife making attempts to seduce her as Shreyas' boss and another time as a friend. When things backfire, the couple starts drifting apart and Raima Sen, who played the role of Manjula gets attention of another young man and the duo get intimate the night Manjula's husband is supposed to go out of town, but the she gets caught by husband having sex with another man.

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