Izabelle Leite : Filmography, Photoshoots, music videos, photos and facts.

Izabelle Leite, the model from Guru Randhawa's Lahore music video - See her films, videos, photos and biography.

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Izabelle Leite - biography.

lzabelle Leite is a brazilian model. She was born on Sep. 1st 1990. The 28 years old model and actress has appeared in a number of commercials and did a couple of feature films as well.

Izabelle Leite - Films.

Izabelle made her acting debut in 2012 with Aamir Khan's Talash playing the role of a prostitute. She then appeared in 2013 film Sixteen, where she played the character of Anu. In 2014, she acted in the movie Purani Jeans.

Izabelle Leite - Music video.

Izabelle Leite got more popularity when she appeared in the Guru Randhawa's music video Lahore. The video is currently at 600 millions on youtube.

Izabelle Leite - advertisements.

Izabelle also did a number of commercial for some big popular brands like Lakme and Big Bazaar.

Izabelle Leite - photoshoot.

Izabelle Leite did a number of photoshoots and she appeared on the cover of Women's Health Magazine. Watch the photoshoot video below.

Izabelle Leite - facts.

Izabelle dated indian cricketer Virat Kohli.
Izabelle Leite virat kohli ex girlfriend
Izabelle Leite virat kohli ex girlfriend

Izabelle Leite hot photos.

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