Baywatch (2017) Hot scene - Kelly Rohrbach flaunts her sexy body in bra and underwear.

Watch Kelly Rohrbach flaunt her sexy body in bra and underwear in this hot scene from Baywatch (2017) feat. Alexandra Daddario and Pamela Anderson (cameo).

Kelly Rohrbach hot scene baywatch

Baywatch, released in 2017, was a commercial success and critical failure with 5 nomination for Golden Raspberry Awards including Worst Picture. The film had some pretty faces flaunting their smoking hot bodies in lifeguard costumes including the stunning and sexy Kelly Rohrbach who ended the movie with one of hottest scenes.

The scene features Kelly Rohrbach playing the role of C. J Parker who finally gets together with Ronnie played by Jon Bass. Ronnie wakes up on the couch confused and only to see Kelly Rohrbach putting on her t-shirt after revealing her fine sexy body in a blue bra and white and pink underwear. Kelly's beautiful smile wins the fans with everyone wishing to have a girlfriend like her.

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