Ameesha Patel flaunting ample cleavage and sexy body in string bikini - see now.

Ameesha Patel once again shows her bold sexy avatar in string bikini - flaunts ample cleavage in this video.

Ameesha Patel bikini cleavage sexy body
photo : instagram/ameeshapatel9

Ameesha Patel continues to prove her boldness as she shared a fan posted video on her Insatgram where she can be seen flaunting ample cleavage and fit sexy body in a leopard printed pink string bikini with tiny leather jacket which barely covered her. Her tiny scarf wrapped around her slim toned waist couldn't hide much of her hotness as well.
Patel, who started out as a leading lady of Bollywood with big commercial hits, is now ranked among some of the boldest divas of Bollywood.

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