10 hottest videos of Puja Banerjee in saree and swimsuit - item songs, hot scenes and more.

Puja Banerjee best hot videos which went viral and set screens on fire - hot item songs, scenes, swimsuit photoshoots and more.

Puja Banerjee saree bikini backless cleavage
photo : instagram and youtube

Puja Banerjee, the Indian actress known for her work in indian TV, Bollywood and Bengali films along with keeping it up with her presence in web series and YouTube vlogs, is ranked among some of the hottest actresses and these 10 videos proves it.

Puja Banerjee's sizzling hot dance in backless red saree.

Puja Banerjee flaunting her sexy back in white saree with skimpy blouse.

Puja Banerjee in pink saree flaunting her sexy back.

Puja Banerjee getting ready in a sheer saree with backless blouse.

Pooja Banerjee set screens on fire with her oozing hotness and chemistry with husband in Holiya Me Ude Re Gulal.

Puja Banerjee faunting her fine sexy body in yoga outfit for a scene in Dev 2.

Puja Banerjee's sizzling hot item song Michhirir Dana.

Puja Banerjee sets screens on fire with this dance number Paap Ki Parchayi.

Puja Banerjee raises heat in skimpy attire in Ban Dance Mein Kutta song.

Puja Banerjee in swimsuit flaunting her sexy body for her hottest photoshoot.

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