Top 5 boldest Indian TV actresses - who is your favorite?

5 boldest Indian TV actresses who raised the temperature with their oozing hotness in bikinis, on red carpet and doing bold hot scenes.

bold indian tv actress
photo : instagram

Here are 5 hottest and boldest actresses of Indian TV. We are listing the actresses who are known for their work in Indian TV and have made much buzz for their bikini photos, hot red carpet looks and have done some steamy hot scenes in TV shows, web series of films.

1. Shama Sikander.

Shama Sikander is known for her various sizzling hot photos in bikinis shared on social media. The actress has also done some hot scenes in the movie Sexaholic.
Shama Sikander bikini swimsuit bold indian tv actress

2. Nia Sharma.

Nia Sharma's hot lesbian kiss scene in Twisted as well as another steamy hot intimate scene with male co-star earns her a place in this list while her many bikini photos never fails to win fans as well. 
Nia Sharma bikini hot indian tv actress

3. Hina Khan.

Hina Khan's steamy hot intimate scene with younger man in Hacked movie made fans drop their jaws while her various pictures in bikinis and other stylish sexy attire always set internet on fire.
Hina Khan white swimsuit sexy body hot indian actress

4. Megha Gupta.

Megha Gupta's each new post seems to be bolder than previous one and the actress never fails to win fans with her bold and sexy avatar.
Megha Gupta hot photos

5. Karishma Sharma.

Karishma Sharma gained popularity for her steamy hot lesbian scene with Sakshi Pradhan in Ragini MMS Returns 2. She has been one of the hottest and  boldest Indian models whose bikini pictures are always making buzz on social media. 
karishma sharma topless bold indian actress

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